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Reduce Portfolio Risk with Nobel Prize-winning Research

June 14, 2023

Investing can be overwhelming, and there is no shortage of online content to add to the confusion. As your advisor, I can help reduce the noise by providing you to Portfolio Advisory Services, a program that employs highly diversified, structured investment portfolios that are based on Nobel Prize-winning research theory by Eugene F. Fama, Ph.D..

His work, The Efficient Market Hypothesis, supports three fundamental beliefs when it comes to accumulating financial assets:

  • At any time, the price of a stock is the best estimate of its value.  
  • Attempting to time the market doesn’t consistently add value.  
  • The best investing method is taking a long-term, disciplined approach.

Portfolio Advisory Services is designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of emotional investing and keep you on track to pursuing your long-term financial objectives.

Interested in learning more? Ask me how to get started.